Bob Mazzer - Hastings & St Leonards

Silverhill Press Photography Number 5

Many people know Bob Mazzer's name because of his photographs taken on the London Underground in the 1970s and 1980s, collected in 2014 in a successful book. But those of us who live in Hastings and St Leonards are probably more familiar with Bob as a constant presence on local streets and at local events. Always with a camera around his neck, always taking pictures, friendly and approachable, but also distant, deep in concentration, always watching intently, looking for moments when the seemingly chaotic interactions of people suddenly coalesce into a composition, a picture with humour, or with foreboding (sometimes with both), a moment which, when seen as a photograph, tells us a story, or reminds us of a memory from our own lives, or evokes our empathy.

'Bob has lived in Hastings for thirty years. It's his manor. He knows the place intimately; the people, the beach, its customs, festivals, the weather. These characteristics have been mined by Bob in his own idiosyncratic way.'

56 pages of photographs and text.