Peter Waldron - Odyssey

Silverhill Press Monograph

PETER WALDRON (1941 - 2022)

"For the past 60 years I have enjoyed the sanctuary of the studio as a space to create. My creative process starts with observation and study of the external world around me bringing together, into the space of the studio, a realisation and articulation of emotion, passion and soul. These emotions are thrashed out on the canvas in an endeavour to produce works which are articulate, meaningful and engaging for the viewer. The last stage of the creative process is presentation outside the sanctuary of the studio being the final act of creation."

"Peter used black with such lightness. You could even say his paintings were black and light. I always enjoyed seeing this lightness in action in his studio, where work evolved overlong periods. A commitment to form and shape and its tension across a surface. It always amazed me that he could contain so much with so little." (Matthew Burrows)

30 pages of images and texts