Irina Brook - My Mother, My Shadow: Fragments From House of Us

Silverhill Press Catalogue

Daughter of the director Peter Brook and the actress Natasha Parry, Irina Brook was born in Paris and grew up between England and France. She is an award-winning, international theatre director.

For the past four years, Irina has been working on House of Us, an autobiographical, multi-dimensional piece that combines an immersive meta-theatrical journey with an intimate visual diary. The project is anchored around Irina's loving celebration of her mother, the actress Natasha Parry, who died in 2015. Natasha's loneliness and lifelong search for meaning, wrapped in an all-consuming love for theatre, take on various forms throughout the work.

My Mother, My Shadow: Fragments From House of Us collects texts, photographs and drawings, shown in August 2022 at Electro Studios Project Space, East Sussex, UK. The first iteration of House of Us opened in Palermo in September 2021 and is being reimagined for Venice's atmospheric Casa dei Tre Oci museum, where it will open in November 2022, produced by the Teatro Goldoni.

52 pages of photographs, drawings and texts

Currently out of print