Rod Morris - What You Left Behind

Silverhill Press Photography

The photographs of Rod Morris, are entirely personal yet resonate with many strands of contemporary photographic interest. These beautifully crafted black and white images defy categorisation and seem to float in time. All the work is in some way reflective of memory and its processes. Time seems to be kaleidoscopic, the viewer drawn from the present into history or a potential future, taken on a journey, drawn to different eras.

'This is a selection of pictures from a much larger series, which I initially exhibited as part of a group exhibition in London, entitled Telling Tales. I keep returning to these photographs, and have become aware that, a photograph is defined not just by what we receive from it, but also what we give to it. It can be a trigger, a jumping off point for our own thoughts and memories about the passage of time, our personal history, and our relationships to people, places and objects.'

76 pages of photographs and texts