Julian Anderson - Portrait of a Garden

Silverhill Press Photography

Recognised for his quiet, analytical approach, neutral colour palette and strong, incisive black-and-white work, Julian Anderson started his photographic career in the early 1990's on magazines such as Time Out, Campaign and the Times Educational Supplement, building a broader range of clients (The Guardian Weekend, The Royal Academy, Blueprint, The Sunday Telegraph, Conde Nast Traveller, The Observer and The Independent Magazine) throughout the decade.

During this period, Julian also started to work with design groups and worked with Pentagram partner John Rushworth on a long-term branding project with the Savoy Group. His continuing relationship with Pentagram has included collaborations for Hewlett Packard, Liberty, the Italian luxury hotel group, Romeo, global business consultancy, Capco and more recently venture capitalists, Index Ventures and Rocco Forte hotels.

Meanwhile, Julian's recently acquired portrait of the late Motorhead frontman Lemmy became his 27th piece of work to be included in the National Portrait Gallery's permanent collection of photography.

Alongside his commercial work, Julian Anderson photographs and regularly exhibits his personal projects, many of which are inspired by the area around the East Sussex coast.

'A series of images charting the journey through four seasons as a garden awakes from its winter slumbers, produces new life, flourishes... and then succumbs to the onset of decay. The photographs explore the forms, colours and textures throughout this perennial natural cycle.'

42 pages of photographs and texts