Various - The Tree of Life

Silverhill Press Catalogue

The catalogue for a major exhibition at Electro Studios Project Space, St Leonards on Sea, September 2021. Our largest book to date, featuring fifty artists and a foreword by Edward Lucie-Smith.

The artists: Adrienne Hunter, Alice Walter, Amanda Jobson, Andrea Artz, Andrew Churchill, Aziza Shadenova, Babalola Yusuf, Bill MacCormick, Brian Deighton, Catherine & Martha Orbach, Charles Koning, Claire Fletcher, Colin Booth, Dan Howard Birt, Daniella Norton, Edward Lucie-Smith, Eugene Chapman, Joe Machine, Felicity Truscott, Gaby Chapman, G. Calvert, Hermione Allsopp, Ian Baker, Ian Land, Jake Scott, Jane Merfield, Jessica MacCormick, Jo Israel, Joe Packer, Kim Wan, Lydia Brockless, Madeleine Collie, Maslen + Mehra, Matthew Burrows, Mimei Thompson, Nick Snelling, Nick Weekes, Nigel Plumb, Nina Royle, Peter Quinnell, Rachel Williams, Rhiannon Inman Simpson, Roff Smith, Sam Payne, Sophie Shaw, Sue Ormerod, Susan Taylor, Teddy Booth, Toby Tatum, Tom Banks

A period unlike any other, the pandemic has quickened our awareness and appreciation of the natural cycles of life. Renewal, regeneration in an emerging new reality, Tree of Life looks at the ways in which artists draw upon trees and their metaphorical association with family and personal relationships to reflect upon nature, the human condition and the fragility of life.

112 pages of artworks and texts