Anne Lydiat - Antarctica - The Presence of Absence

Silverhill Press Photography Number 12

Anne Lydiat is an artist and researcher who shares her time between the Old Town in Hastings 50.8543 degrees N, 0.5735 degrees E and her studio on board the British ex trading vessel MB Rock, moored on the tidal River Thames, downstream from Tower Bridge, 51.5055 degrees N, 0.0754 degrees W.

Lydiat's photographs were made on a voyage to Antarctica in February/March 2019 on the last ship before the onset of winter. They were recently shown at the Architectural Association's "Architecture in the Extreme" - a debate on the paradoxes by which, in Antarctica, permanence is embodied by fragile prefabricated wooden structures that stand as testament of pioneering imperialistic explorations and covert military operations or what Lydiat describes as "the presence of absence".

44 pages of photographs and texts