Various - As Long As My Arm

Silverhill Press Exhibition Catalogue Number 1

Works by Adam Dando, Ian Land, Jilliene Sellner, Amanda Jobson, and Sharon Haward. A record of a group exhibition of work inspired by the coast.

Introduction by Caf Fean

'As Long As My Arm brings together a range of artists working with a broad palette of techniques to express aspects of the human condition, and how it can clash – and work together – with nature.

Familiarity with our surroundings and an uneasy unfamiliarity is explored through Ian Land's Land of Cockaigne – Travels Through Brexit. Amanda Jobson takes us back to 1993 and unearths the complex stories of unemployment along the South Coast – a journey that in many ways informs the problems of Brexit Britain. Sharon Haward takes us to France with a purposefully feminine take on our concept of modernism in architecture, exploring ideas of the home as a protective shell against the world, at once responsive, alive and connected to us.

The theme of connectivity is presented once again through Jilliene Sellner's sound captures. A tumult of man-made and natural sounds reminding us of the constant struggle between ourselves, our actions, and our planet. Adam Dando brings us back home with studies of a working beach on our doorstep in Hastings. Rock-a-Nore and the Harbour Arm pull all of these strands together: working hard to earn a crust, tides of change lapping at its shoreline, and the quiet rumble of change ever-present – for good or for bad, the arm reaching out into the sea, pointing to our European neighbours.

The work in As Long As My Arm was exhibited at the Dirty Old Gallery, West Street, Hastings, in June 2019.'

Currently out of print