Labour and Wait / Andrew Moran - Calendars 2012 - 2018

Silverhill Press Photography Number 7

LABOUR AND WAIT was founded in 2000 by Simon Watkins and Rachel Wythe-Moran as a homeware store in Shoreditch in London. The store concentrates on simple functional and timeless products for everyday use. For the past nineteen years they have searched out specialist makers from around the world, many of whom manufacture their goods in a traditional manner to the original designs.

Andrew Moran has been a photographer for many years, working in still life studio-based practise. He is also a lecturer and tutor in photography. Latterly, his work has become increasingly theoretical in approach following an M.A at Brighton, completed in 2009, and further teaching. However, the compulsions inherent in the still-life set remains his first calling.

'The idea for a LABOUR AND WAIT calendar came in 2011, with the first calendar coming into being a year later.

The criteria for selecting objects for the calendars has included a peculiar fusion of quality of material, colour and form. The choices made are often based on personal interests and influences as much as design. An appreciation of tactile surfaces and qualities inherent in different materials indicate that certain objects provide a constant fascination; some forms feature more than once throughout the set. With an eye for the traditional, stylish and satisfyingly idiosyncratic that surpasses that of the norm, LABOUR AND WAIT has always had a regard for a range of aesthetic concerns that veers toward a connoisseurship. With an attitude and sensibility toward objects, materials and colour, they ask one to contemplate the acceptance of this objector that, and to take them into one’s personal sphere in a quiet, pragmatic manner; either for their usefulness or beauty, preferably for both.'

54 pages of photographs and texts

Currently out of print