Andrew Moran - Box Brownie

Silverhill Press Photography Number 6

Andrew Moran has been a photographer for many years, working in still life studio-based practise. He is also a lecturer and tutor in photography. Latterly, his work has become increasingly theoretical in approach following an M.A at Brighton, completed in 2009, and further teaching. However, the compulsions inherent in the still-life set remains his first calling.

'The photographs in this publication were taken over a short period in the 1980s on a ‘Six-20’ and a ‘Brownie 127’. This came about when my grandfather passed away and I was given the family Box Brownie as a keepsake. The images were taken on various trips taken around that time. It was a period when I was working in a very precise manner from my still life studio in London using large format 10 x 8 and 5 x 4 cameras.

For me, the simplicity of the Box Brownie camera, giving only one timed exposure and a ‘B’ setting turned the activity of taking pictures into what the great writer on photographic media in the 1930s and 40s, Walter Benjamin, would have termed, ‘The snapshot’. It gave me a great sense of freedom from the rigours of running a commercial studio.'

46 pages of photographs and text

Currently out of print