Ian Land - Blood Lake

Silverhill Press Photography Number 1

Ian Land is a photographer living in Hastings, East Sussex. Most of his work is directly inspired by the landscape of the area in which he lives. He regularly publishes and exhibits, and is an experienced darkroom teacher.

'Senlac Hill, the presumed site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings, has long been a resonant place. A fairly anonymous field, rising at one edge to a ridge, on which now stands Battle Abbey, built by the victorious William as a symbol of his victory over Harold, the anonymity of the field is overwhelmed by our knowledge of the slaughter which happened there nearly 1000 years ago.I revisited Senlac, and other sites important to the battle, to photograph how they appear today. I combined some of the pictures with contemporary and near-contemporary accounts of the events of that day.'

36 pages of photographs and text.

Currently out of print